Abigail Suarez

Senior Web Developer 💻

Hobbyist Game Dev 🕹️

Hi, I'm Abby.

I'm a Software Engineer, who focuses on JS, web technologies, and loves studying products, games, and game design on the side.

The Short Story

I've worked in several places in San Diego, mostly in Frontend Developments roles, though my responsibilities would often cross over into Backend and DevOps. I also often worked in product "liaison" roles where, especially at small startups, there is no product owner and I have to make sure to guide and focus the product as well as architect and implement development.

I'm a big fan of JS, Typescript, and React. I think these technologies have allowed UIs to reach new levels of performance, organization, and speed. Not to mention the ability to deploy to basically any platform, web, native apps for mobile and PCs, servers, and even micro controllers.

"In My Heart, I'm a Gamer" - Satoru Iwata

I've been playing video games since I was a kid. And since learning that anyone can make them, I've been self-studying to be able to make my own. Even as a kid, going as far as to check out books from the library on Java and Game Design. So games are what inspired me to learn to how program and from that I began to learn and become more interested in the web development world. Although I've yet to publish a full game title, I'm always working on some small game and I often find that my studies in games carry over really well to creating performant and easy-to-use web UI.